Outsourced IT support companies are one of the ways that businesses can use to capture and retain clients. This is because outsourced IT support companies will position the business to be technology-forward while enabling it to reduce technology operating costs, making it more competitive in the marketplace.


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To help you learn more about how outsourced IT support companies can help your business capture and retain clients, read more below.  


1. How Outsourced IT Support Companies Can Help You Capture New Markets 

Outsourced IT support companies can help businesses capture new markets by allowing them to reduce operating costs, which will enable them to lower price points and have a competitive price advantage. Additionally, they can enable businesses to meet or exceed the market’s needs through cutting-edge technology and consistent service availability. Here are a few ways of how outsourced IT support companies can help achieve those benefits.  


a. Competitive Pricing 

As previously explained, outsourced IT support companies can help businesses gain a pricing edge by significantly reducing technology operating costs. This is because compared to an in-house IT department, outsourced IT support companies offer a lower cost. To learn more on how they can offer a lower cost, read the first section of this article.

Reducing IT operating costs would allow companies to pass all or part of these savings to their potential new customers. This will result in a competitive price advantage that would help the company gain new market share.  


b. Implementing Industry-Standard Technology 

Another way specialized outsourced IT support companies can improve a business’s market penetration is by implementing industry-standard or cutting-edge technologies, especially if they specialize in the industry. Since they have extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry, they can recommend and provide the technology that a business needs to meet the market’s expectations and be up to par or ahead of the competition.  


Outsourced IT Support - Implementing Industry-Standard Technology


Additionally, their expertise and familiarity with the various technologies and technology vendors enable them to determine which technology and vendor offer the best value and price and, equally important, how to integrate these technologies into a business’s day-to-day operations. 

Moreover, specialized outsourced IT support companies are capable of supporting industry-specific technologies. For example, when dealing with parcel dimensioners, generic outsourced IT support companies may not support it, or if they can, it will take a longer time to correct an issue since they are not specialized in those types of technologies.  


c. Protecting Business Reputation 

Lastly, outsourced IT support companies can indirectly help businesses penetrate new markets by protecting their reputation. They can do this by implementing cybersecurity best practices that protect systems and data from hackers that could obtain and disclose sensitive customer and business information – something that would drastically impact a business’s reputation.  


Outsourced IT Support - Protecting Business Reputation


In addition to the above, outsourced IT support companies can help protect a business’s reputation by implementing a proactive technology management approach. This will help companies keep systems running healthy around the clock, allowing business services to continue with no disruptions to the company and its customers.  

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2. How Outsourced IT Support Companies Can Increase Your Customer Retention 

Outsourced IT support companies can help increase a business’ customer retention by ensuring clients and employees can access systems and information around the clock without any disruptions or delays. Here are a few ways of how outsourced IT support companies can provide that.  


a. Ensuring 24/7 System Availability for Customers 

Outsourced IT support companies can increase a business’s customer retention by ensuring that all the systems and required information are available when needed by customers or employees. For systems to be available around the clock, the internal IT department or support company must implement a 24/7/365 system monitoring that allows technical personnel to detect standard system performance deviations and correct system problems before they occur. By doing this, the business can guarantee that all services that are dependent directly or indirectly on information technology are available for when they’re needed.  


b. Providing Quick Resolutionto Technology Issues 

Finally, outsourced IT support companies can also improve customer retention by ensuring that when there is a disruption on critical systems that renders essential services or data to customers or employees, these systems can be quickly restored to normal operations. This is important because regardless of the proactive management approach or monitoring level, unexpected disruption will occur sooner or later.  And when they occur, the best solution is to have a team that can quickly and effectively respond to unexpected technology disruptions.  


Outsourced IT Support - Quick Resolution to Issues



To conclude, outsourced IT support companies can be an excellent way for businesses to increase customer retention and market penetration. By helping businesses to achieve a competitive price advantage, meeting or exceeding the market’s technological needs, and maintaining a positive experience for clients, outsourced IT support companies can allow businesses to capture more market share while retaining current customers. 


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