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Hector has 15 years of experience leading IT operations for large and small businesses. He holds an MBA in Management and Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. Hector has a passion for books and creating opportunities for others to grow.

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Protecting business data and services must not be solely left to buying hardware and software. Technologists and leaders must come together. Data and systems are critical components of most companies and protecting it goes hand in hand with the ability to run a business. Without it, most companies...
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To deny that our dependency in technology keeps rising every year is to be living in a perfect state of denial. If we spent 2 minutes reviewing all the impacts information technology has had in our lives, we can clearly see how dependent we have become. If you don’t believe me just try living...
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To my surprise, I have witnessed how most small and midsize businesses underestimate the power of technology to make their companies more competitive and productive. I have also seen how often technology is treated as a necessary evil that every company needs in order to do their work. But seeing...
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First, I’d like to give you some quick perspective on the viewpoint from which this blog series (Reactive vs. Proactive IT Operations) will be written: I’ve been involved in IT operations management for over 11 years, 9 of them leading enterprise-grade technical operations across small and...
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