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Hector Sunol

Hector is a Co-Founder at Cyzerg and the Anser Induicus Foundation with over 12 years of experience leading IT operations for large and small businesses. He holds an MBA in Management and Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. Hector has a passion for books and creating opportunities for others to grow. You can follow him @TiconSunol.
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  Logistics technology is going through a fundamental shift influenced by the need to operate more efficiently and the emergence of new technologies. The future of logistics technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) will take tracking and monitoring capabilities to the next level while Unmanned...
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A bad employee can have serious consequences in any company, but especially for logistics businesses. From low productivity to inefficiencies, communication issues, loss of cargo and more. The inability to properly hire and retain the right people has a direct impact in the organization and its...
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An Uber Trucking supply chain model seems like the perfect answer to increase efficiency, maximize truck utilization, and reduce costs. Shippers connect directly with truckers removing freight brokers from the transaction. Truckers maximize utilization by making sure that no truck drives empty –...
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  Every month I meet with 25+ Logistics leaders and decision makers. I always have one question for them: What is impacting your bottom line? They all agree that one of the biggest impacts on their profit line is the fact that new entrants and major companies are using price reduction to gain new...
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As the pressure to move cargo more quickly and with minimal errors increases, having a reliable wireless network is necessary. Cyzerg estimates that 7 out of 10 warehouses of small and mid-size businesses are experiencing issues with their wireless warehouse networks. Our experience in overhauling...
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Technology has made it easier to start a new business by lowering barrier to entries, also known as startup costs. As a result, industries with already low barriers to entry have been saturated with companies that have commoditized services. This has affected industry profitability by encouraging...
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