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Hector Sunol

Hector is a Co-Founder at Cyzerg and the Anser Induicus Foundation with over 12 years of experience leading IT operations for large and small businesses. He holds an MBA in Management and Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. Hector has a passion for books and creating opportunities for others to grow. You can follow him @TiconSunol.
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  Sales operations and marketing represents a true challenge for many small and mid-size logistics companies, but also a huge opportunity. Not many businesses are dedicating the necessary time and resources to it. For many years, logistics companies have relied on personal relationships to connect...
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  In recent years, there has been an explosion of innovative logistics technologies promising to shift the landscape of the supply chain and logistics industry. Among them – and of particular importance considering relevance and viability – is the Internet of Things (IoT).
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It is not uncommon to see small and mid-size logistics companies struggle with business growth. In many cases, these problems are associated with poor lead generation, lack of sales predictability and low sales conversion rates - converting leads into customers. In our previous article, we...
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Management is often quick to blame warehouse workers for a lack of warehouse productivity. However, if you look around most warehouses there are larger issues slowing down productivity. Supply chain industry experts agree technology plays a critical role in warehouse operational efficiency....
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  In the logistics and supply chain industry customers are demanding more technological capabilities from their service providers. The annual Third-Party Logistics Study analyzes the gap in what customers deem necessary in the IT capabilities of services providers compared to their satisfaction of...
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  Small and mid-size logistics organizations have built much of their customers based on relationships, networks, and word-of-mouth. Although this strategy has proven effective for building lasting relationships, at some point, using this approach alone will end up stalling the company’s growth.
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