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Hector Sunol

Hector is a Co-Founder at Cyzerg and the Anser Induicus Foundation with over 12 years of experience leading IT operations for large and small businesses. He holds an MBA in Management and Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. Hector has a passion for books and creating opportunities for others to grow. You can follow him @TiconSunol.
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Choosing the right warehouse location can make all the difference in how effective, efficient, and profitable a company is. Leasing or purchasing a warehouse is a major decision and choosing the right location of a warehouse can make all the difference in the company's ability to compete and...
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Cloud computing has created a new technological revolution that opened unprecedented opportunities for small and mid-size businesses. Efficient logistics businesses have leveraged this technology to test and adopt solutions without having to make large capital investments or worry about potential...
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Optimization. In the logistics industry, this term is vital. When it comes to optimizing logistics operations, every task and process must be analyzed and measured. Each individual business and operational process must be justified, simplified, and its processing time reduced.  The compound effect...
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Much has been said about cloud logistics technology solutions, more specifically all the benefits that businesses can reap by using the cloud. But how can you know if cloud computing right for your logistics business? Well, it depends! In just a few years, cloud logistics solutions have taken the...
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Warehouse efficiency remains one of the most important strategic goals and differentiators for logistics organizations. And the reason is simple, without an efficient warehouse operation the business is forced to increase its workforce in order to maintain high levels of service. But while adding...
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Logistics technology has changed significantly over the years. Recently, cloud logistics technology solutions have become the go-to technology to help simplify business operations and reduce technology costs. Despite all the benefits that the cloud can provide, the reality is the cloud is not a...
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