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Hector Sunol

Hector is a Co-Founder at Cyzerg and the Anser Induicus Foundation with over 12 years of experience leading IT operations for large and small businesses. He holds an MBA in Management and Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. Hector has a passion for books and creating opportunities for others to grow. You can follow him @TiconSunol.
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No doubt about it—technology is essential to your logistics operation. For most logistics industry enterprises, the biggest concern is not if, but when and how to upgrade from their old paper-based and/or independent software systems to a fully integrated WMS/TMS system.
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Competition defines us as a species. In everything from sports to business, games to education, we’re motivated to stand out and be the best. The logistics industry is no different—speed of delivery, accuracy, prompt order processing, and the constant need to find new methods to improve efficiency...
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  Although the term cloud computing has recently spread like wildfire, many people are still left wondering what the cloud really is. Here’s a quick breakdown of common cloud terminology to help you better understand how your logistics business might use the cloud.
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There’s an interesting correlation between the architecture of your logistics company’s IT infrastructure and the complex design behind a symphony orchestra. Both have many moving parts dependent upon one another and their ability to work together creates something very special: harmony.
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Isn’t it interesting that as technology evolves, it becomes more and more analogous to humanity? It seems the more complex our technology, the more it mirrors its creators. Are we creating technology and shaping its evolution, perhaps unwittingly, in our own image?
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No matter how large or small your company, technology plays a huge role in your organization, from daily operations to marketing strategies to data management. Therefore, working IT is essential to the success of your business. While many companies enjoy the convenience of an in-house IT...
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